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Inside The Mouse Castle 08-22-2014 - Battle of 'The Jungle Books,' 'The Good Dinosaur' Do-Over and Tim and Anthony's Ice Bucket Challenge

Disney and Warner Bros. are releasing live-action-plus-CG/motion-capture versions of The Jungle Book in 2015 (Disney) and 2016 (Warner Bros.). Over the last few weeks a casting battle has ensued with both studios announcing A-listers joining their productions. For those of you keeping score at home:

The Jungle Book - Baloo, Mowgli and Bagheera
Disney's original animated The Jungle Book (1967)

Disney's 'The Jungle Book'
Mowgli - Neel Sethi
Baloo - Bill Murray
Bagheera - Ben Kingsley
Shere Khan - Idris Elba
Kaa - Scarlett Johansson
King Louie - Christopher Walken
Rakcha - Lupito Nyong'o
Akela - Giancarlo Esposito

Warner Bros.' 'Jungle Book: Origins'
Mowgli - Rohan Chand
Baloo - Andy Serkis
Bagheera - Christian Bale
Shere Khan - Benedict Cumberbatch
Kaa - Cate Blanchett
Nisha - Naomie Harris
Vihaan - Eddie Marsan
Brother Wolf - Jack Raynor
Tabaqui - Tom Hollander
Akela - Peter Mullan

In this edition of Inside the Mouse Castle, Anthony and I discuss the casting choices and which Jungle Book production we're favoring. Here's what else we're talking about:
  • Pixar is completely revamping The Good Dinosaur. This tale of dinosaurs co-existing with humans was originally slated for release this year, but now won't be out until November 2015. Is this a case of quality control, or is it a film in trouble?
  • Brian Patrick Wade will join the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this year as the villain Absorbing Man. This quicker picker-upper joins an impressive roster of guest stars that include Adrianne Palicki, Kyle MacLachlan and Lucy Lawless.
  • Get out your handkerchiefs. Monday night's Primetime Emmy Awards will include a special tribute to the late Robin Williams. His longtime friend Billy Crystal, who has been mostly silent--at least publicly--about Williams' death, will lead the tribute.
Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty
A screening of Disney's Sleeping Beauty? Well, well.
  • Tickets are still available for a special D23 screening of Sleeping Beauty at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank that coincides with the release of the animated classic on Blu-ray. Noted producer and filmmaker (and previous guest in The Mouse Castle Lounge) Don Hahn will be on hand to talk about the evolution of the princess's tale from the 1959 film to this year's Maleficent. The screening is open to D23 Gold and Silver members only. For details, visit
  • No one has yet challenged Anthony and I, so we decided to challenge each other. We're talking the Ice Bucket Challenge. We'll be dousing ourselves this weekend all in the name of raising money and awareness for ALS research. Watch for our videos posting very soon.

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