Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Inside The Mouse Castle 12-15-2014 - Club 33 Meets 21 Royal Street, Oswald's 'Empty Socks' and 'Star Wars' Trading Cards

Le Salon Nouveau at Club 33
Le Salon Nouveau at Club 33.
Is there a new restaurant opening next door to Disneyland's Club 33? Is it just a private dining room? Is it for Club 33 members only? Will it ever be open to the general public. What the hell is the fuss all about?

In the latest Inside The Mouse Castle, Anthony and I take on the growing controversy (that seriously doesn't need to be one) over the announced opening of 21 Royal Street. It's a small dining venue for groups of no more than 16. It's geared for Club 33 members, but Disney hasn't ruled out opening up reservations for non-members at a later date. Time will tell. What we do know is it will be open for business sometime in January or February. Stay tuned. 

Also on today's show:
  • A long lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon was discovered in Norway. Empty Socks was the 12th of 26 Oswald shorts released by Walt Disney from 1927 to 1928.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens trading cards? Sure, why not? Entertainment Weekly gave us a tease from J.J. Abrams identifying who some of the new characters are in the recently released trailer. Will there be an actual set of Episode VII trading cards? We can only hope.
  • At an event sponsored by Variety last week, Bob Iger announced that upcoming theme park attractions based on Star Wars would use the newer movies as their inspiration. I guess that means there no speeder bike races on Endor anytime soon.
  • A new trailer for Pixar's Inside Out has been released. It's good.  I mean really good.

  • Will Spider-Man ever make the crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Apparently Marvel and Disney have been talking to Sony about it. That's one of the less traumatic revelations to come out of Sony's uber-embarrassing mass hacking. There's still time to work Spidey into Captain America: Civil War. Just sayin'.

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