Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Inside The Mouse Castle 12-29-2014 - Happy New Year at Disney Parks, 'Into The Woods' and Pirating 'Frozen'

Happy New Year at Disneyland
Happy New Year!
Break out the party hats and the noisemakers! It's time to ring in 2015! Anthony and I have all the info for making the best of your New Year's Eve visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Just don't mind the crowds, because it's going to be packed. Both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World reached capacity on Christmas Day and the gates closed to new guests for several hours. You know that's going to happen again on December 31st. So, arrive early, take a chill pill and pace yourself. And along the way, enjoy the special entertainment, music performances and fireworks extravaganzas that await you heading into the Disney new year.

Here's what else we have in store in the latest edition of Inside The Mouse Castle:

Anna Kendrick as Cinderella in "Into the Woods"
Anna Kendrick stuck on the steps of the palace in Into the Woods.
  • Into the Woods is a dark and delightful adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical. I caught it over the weekend and highly recommend it whether you're a fan of movie musicals or just appreciate great cinematic storytelling. I've also fallen in love with Anna Kendrick, who plays the tormented and torn Cinderella, but I digress.
  • Apple Pay technology is now live at Walt Disney World. Got that new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ for Christmas? You can now use it for purchases in and around the Florida resort.
  • We were excited about the Marvel Experience making it's debut in Phoenix, but less-than-stellar reviews on Yelp have us second-guessing our enthusiasm. Anthony and I might wait until the superhero circus hits San Francisco before we check it out. We hope the bugs are worked out by then.
  • Bob Iger blah blah blah Fortune interview blah blah blah technology blah Pixar blah Marvel blah Lucasfilm blah blah OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THE PICTURE OF HIM WITH THE MILLENNIUM FALCON?!?! blah blah blah blah blah MagicBands.
Bob Iger with the Millennium Falcon
Bob Iger with the Millennium Falcon. NBD.
  • Disney's Frozen was the second most pirated film of 2014 (The Wolf of Wall Street was number one). Guardians of the Galaxy didn't make the top 20, proving that even thieves will pay for quality.

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