Friday, February 10, 2012

Inside the Mouse Castle (Again) With the MiceChat Crew and Historian Sam Gennawey

OK, I haven't quite mastered this video thing yet, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

It certainly helps when you have good subject matter to work with.

At the ESPN Zone with (l. to r.) Sam Gennawey, Margaret Kerry,
Susan Egan and Bob Gurr
I spent a few days last month with my friends from MiceChat to celebrate the Disney fansite's 7th anniversary. There were plenty of member meets and celebrity appearances. At a gathering over breakfast at the ESPN Zone one Saturday morning, I had the pleasure to not only see Bob Gurr, Susan Egan, Margaret Kerry and Sam Gennawey talk about their work in and around Disney, but I also had time to speak one-on-one with Sam, Margaret and MiceChat's Dusty Sage. Sam's and Dusty's interviews are in the video below. My chat with Margaret is coming soon.

In my interview with Sam, we talked about Walt Disney's plans in the 1960s for an ambitious ski resort in California called Mineral King. The project was never completed, mostly due to politics and environmental concerns, but it remains one of Disney's most fascinating failures. Sam writes in detail about Mineral King in his book, Walt and the Promise of Progress City. He's also posted several excellent articles on MiceChat: Mineral King - The Rest of the Story Part 1 and Mineral King- Wrapping Up the Story.

Special thanks to my friends who helped me put this installment of Inside the Mouse Castle together: Heather Antonio, who shot all the interview footage; and Gregg Condon for his photo of Jack Lindquist from MiceChat's anniversary meet last year.

Inside the Mouse Castle is now becoming a regular thing.

Two episodes makes it a regular thing, right?

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