Monday, September 1, 2014

Disneyland Half Marathoner Lost 346 Pounds So He Could Run Disney

Derrick Deaton shows off his Disneyland Half Marathon medal.
Derrick Deaton shows off his Disneyland Half Marathon medal.
Many runners have personal stories about why they run. They talk of what motivated them to start running, or maybe a person or cause they run for.

Few have a story as inspiring as Derrick Deaton.

Five years ago, Derrick was in no condition to be running anywhere. A "sedentary lifestyle and eating whatever you want" caused him to weigh in at a whopping 529 pounds.

Something had to change.

Tired of his excessive weight, Derrick committed himself to being healthy. He began eating better and started walking, first to the end of his block, then longer distances. Walking led to running. Running eventually led to entering 5Ks. In 2010, Derrick, a die-hard Disney fan, entered his first runDisney event. This past Sunday he ran the Disneyland Half Marathon. He finished with an impressive time of 2:19:27 and did so 346 pounds lighter than he was in 2009.

Derrick appreciates that he has the ability to inspire others. "My message to other people is just to start doing something," he says. "Be active in some way."

Watch more about Derrick's amazing story:

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