Friday, September 9, 2011

Update: The Sherman Brothers and the Kennedy Center Honors

(l. to r.) Robert Sherman,
Richard Sherman and Walt Disney
If you follow The Mouse Castle, you know we've been supporting the campaign to have the Sherman Brothers recognized by the the Kennedy Center Honors. The new honorees were announced yesterday, and although this year's recipients are quite worthy of the recognition, the Sherman Brothers are not among them.

This morning, Robert Sherman's son Robbie posted this on Facebook:
My father and I were traveling in Scotland for the passed [sic] two weeks and there was very poor internet reception where we were staying. I just read the news that the Sherman Brothers were not among those to be receiving Kennedy Center Honors this year. I was disappointed as I'm sure you must have been as well.
But I want to thank each of you who took the time to write letters and helped with our grassroots campaign. I was able to speak with two of the board members of KCH and they said that we definitely have their attention for next year. In January, with your help, I would like to double efforts to try to see if we can get this. Again, though, thank you to everybody who wrote letters, posted blogs and spread the word! Please keep those letters for next year! 
The campaign continues. We will reconvene in January.

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