Friday, June 18, 2010

What Makes the 'Toy Story' Movies So Good?

Here are a few hints:

"The focus was to get great characters and a great story--that was the first and foremost thing.  And we wanted really strong acting."  John Lasseter, director, "Toy Story" 

"This film is driven by characters and story first.  And even though it is the first ever computer-animated film, the technique we're using is secondary to the story that we want to tell."  Ralph Guggenheim, producer, "Toy Story" 

"(After 'Toy Story') there was talk of a sequel almost immediately.  The characters were so strong and well developed, we thought of them more like friends or family or fellow employees than we did creations."  John Lasseter, director, "Toy Story 2" 

"We're audience members first and film makers second."  Andrew Stanton, co-writer, "Toy Story 2" 

"At Pixar, we always felt that the only reason to do a sequel to "Toy Story" is if we could come up with the story that was as good as the first, but was different.  And we really worked hard in the emotional side of the story because, you know, the humor and the staging and the action and the great visuals we knew would come.  But, it's that emotion that was so important to us because what we value is a story in which characters change, characters grow."  Lasseter, "Toy Story 2"

"It was, of course, our goal to make a movie worthy of the first two 'Toy Story' films.  In the history of cinema, there are only a few sequels that are as good as the first, and we really couldn't think of any excellent third movies.  The only one that came to mind was 'The Return of the King,' but that was really more like the third part of one giant story.  That's when I had an epiphany.  We needed the three 'Toy Story' movies to feel like part of one grand story.  That notion became the driving force for us in creating 'Toy Story 3.'"  Lee Unkrich, director, "Toy Story 3" 

"It is our intention to make classic films that will last through the ages."  Darla Anderson, producer, "Toy Story 3"

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