Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Mouse Castle Lounge 03-05-2015 - Disney Animator James Lopez, Part Two

By Tim Callaway

James Lopez
James Lopez
Last week I totally nerded out over animator James Lopez’s passion for the Don Bluth video game Dragon’s Lair. This week, I’m loving his home studio because it’s decorated in Haunted Mansion stuff. He’s got Haunted Mansion wallpaper and artwork—even a replica of one of the busts that watches you as you creep towards your Doom Buggy. Of course, I also get a kick out of James’ contributions to Disney animated films like The Lion King, Pocahontas and Hercules.

Last week, we talked about his early career and his time spent at Disney as well as with Don Bluth. Today, in part two of our conversation, we talk about James’ work on the delightful The Emperor’s New Groove and how it began as the much more serious-minded Kingdom of the Sun.

We also talk about James’ current passion project, Hullabaloo. It’s a project that brings together two of James’ favorite things: hand-drawn 2D animation and steampunk. Last fall, James had a ridiculously successful crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo that ended up financing at least 4 Hullaballo short films--with who knows what else on the horizon.

Please enjoy part two of my conversation with James Lopez in The Mouse Castle Lounge.

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