Saturday, June 7, 2014

PBS Looking For People Who Remember the Early Days of Disneyland

Our friends at the Disney History Institute are among the historians consulting with the producers of a new Walt Disney documentary for PBS's American Experience series. Todd Pierce with DHI posted this on Facebook yesterday:
OPPORTUNITY WITH PBS: For the past six months, Paul [Anderson] and I have been working with a PBS production company that is developing a four-hour documentary on the life of Walt Disney. Recently, one of the members of the production team (for Sarah Colt Productions / PBS American Experience) asked if we'd post this notice on our Facebook page. They are looking for (1) people who remember the early Disneyland anthology TV shows, particularly the cultural phenomenon of Davy Crockett and the Mickey Mouse Club and (2) people who went to Disneyland in the 1950s (the earlier the better). They would like to include first hand experiences of people whose childhood was shaped by these two Disney influences. So, basically, you'd need to be at least 60 or 65 years old and have clear memories of the way that the TV shows and/or the park framed your childhood. But for a few people, this will be a fabulous opportunity. The note that Helen asked me to post is below. Good Luck! 
[From Helen Ryan] A documentary filmmaker is producing a four-hour biography about Walt Disney for PBS's history series American Experience. To aid in the research for the project, we are interested in having phone conversations with individuals (specifically, "baby boomers") who visited Disneyland circa 1955-1965 about their recollections of this experience. In addition, we'd like to hear about your childhood memories of watching Disney films (animations and live-action) and Disney TV shows (for example, Davy Crockett and The Mickey Mouse Club) pre-1967. Please contact [e-mail] if you are interested in setting up a phone call or have questions.
I omitted the e-mail address to keep the spammers away. If you remember those glorious early days of Disneyland and Disney on TV, you can find the address on DHI's Facebook page or you can message me at The Mouse Castle.

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