Monday, February 10, 2014

Interview With Tom and Tony Bancroft (Part Two) in the MCL

Kronk (voiced by Patrick Warburton)
and Yzma (Eartha Kitt), The Emperor's New Groove
Eddie Murphy liked to record in the dark. Gilbert Gottfried got quiet when the microphone was off. Patrick Warburton drove an old beat up truck to the studio.

You learn a lot about people when you make an animated feature.

Tom and Tony Bancroft learned plenty.

The former Disney animators are back in The Mouse Castle Lounge this week for part two of our conversation about their fascinating careers--and they have some stories to tell about working in-studio with the voices of Mushu, Iago and Kronk. Tom and Tony also talk about the many artistic projects they've taken on since leaving Disney. Oh, and they've also managed to write a few well-regarded books on animation. And Tony is directing an animated film with a former Beatle. But other than that, the Bancroft Brothers haven't been busy at all.

Were doubling down with a twin bill today in The Mouse Castle Lounge. Enjoy!


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