Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'The Book of Mouse' and the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon in the MCL

Tinker Bell Half-Marathon
Only Tinker Bell could inspire me to get up before dawn to run 6.2 miles.

I'm back from a busy and fun weekend at Disneyland where I ran my first ever 10K race. What better time to do it than during the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon weekend? Over 30,000 runners took part in three days of races featuring a 5K, 10K and half-marathon. I had run a few 5Ks before, including the Disneyland 5K last August, but I wanted to take on a new challenge. So naturally, doubling the distance seemed like the thing to do. Weird, I know.

But, you know something, it wasn't that bad. I was up to the challenge and finished the race in 1:11:48, hardly a blistering pace, but respectable nonetheless. And even better when you consider that half of the race takes place in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Goodness knows there were plenty of distractions, costumed characters and sites to see along the way. Yes, I stopped every now and then to take pictures.

Pre-dawn It's a Small World
The Cove Bar. Can I get a Bloody Mary to go?
In The Mouse Castle Lounge this week, I talk with Darrell Fry from RunDisney, the organizers of the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon weekend and numerous other running events happening year-round at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Darrell talks about what it takes to pull off a massive running event and the many hard-working people that make it happen.

The Book of Mouse
Also guesting in the Lounge is a man who's just mad about the Mouse, and I mean that in a good way. Jim Korkis is a Disney historian and a long-time columnist for MousePlanet who has written a number of books, notably the Vault of Walt series. His latest tome is a detailed memoir of the life and times of Mickey Mouse, The Book of Mouse. Jim and I chat at length about the evolution of Mickey from Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie to this year's Oscar-nominated Get a Horse! We also explore the many mysteries of the mouse such as how tall Mickey really is and when exactly did he first put on the white gloves. We get to the heart of what actually happened on that fateful 1928 train trip Walt Disney took from New York to Los Angeles after he lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and was desperate to create a new starring character.

It's all in today's edition of The Mouse Castle Lounge. Oh boy!


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