Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ride Closures at Disneyland and IronManoventions Inside 'The Mouse Castle Lounge'

It's a short and sweet weekend edition of The Mouse Castle Lounge as I travel on business totally unrelated to anything even remotely Disney. This is the view from my hotel room right now:

Cue the singers:

Saturday was not a good day for the Disneyland Resort as three E-ticket rides (Space Mountain, the Matterhorn and Soarin' Over California) were closed following an investigation by Cal OSHA into safety violations. No word as yet on when the rides will reopen, but Disney is scrambling to get into compliance and provide adequate fall protection for workers who maintain the exteriors of these attractions. The violations could end up costing Disney in excess of $230,000 in fines.

Space Mountain may be out of service for a while, but nearby, Innoventions is lining up guests to see Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries, a new display of Iron Man suits featured in Marvel's upcoming flick Iron Man 3. Lines at Innoventions, who knew that was even possible?

All that and more is in The Mouse Castle Lounge.  Enjoy!

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