Monday, October 1, 2012

The 21st Century Began Thirty Year's Ago Today

Walt Disney World's Epcot turned out quite differently from the ambitious Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow that Walt Disney envisioned over 40 years ago. Still, as the permanent world's fair it's become, Epcot clings to many of the optimistic ideals Walt held--that technology and industry are the keys to a better future and that cultures from around the world can peacefully coexist  On today's 30th anniversary of Epcot's grand opening, The Mouse Castle takes a look back at the ideas and concepts that brought this innovative theme park to life.

"There's enough land here (in Florida) to hold all the ideas and plans we could possibly imagine. It will never cease to be a living blueprint of the future, where people actually live a life they can't find anywhere else in the world." -- Walt Disney

Spaceship Earth under construction

"Epcot Center represents a unique combination of innovative imagination and technical virtuosity. Disney's 'Imagineers' have created a new dimension of pleasure, excitement, amusement, and education.  From Opening Day onward, Epcot Center will be the standard by which all such undertakings will be measured, and future phases will further expand even the current level of appeal. Until now, there's never been anything remotely like Epcot Center, and it's unlikely there ever will be again." -- Stephen Birnbaum, Disney News, Fall 1982

Souvenir preview book, 1982

"If we can bring together the technical know-how of American industry and the creative imagination of the Disney organization--I'm confident we can create right here in Disney World a showcase to the world of the American free enterprise system." -- Walt Disney

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