Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Prep & Landing' Available on DVD

In December 2009, ABC debuted its first TV special produced by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Prep & Landing quickly became a modern holiday classic, winning both an Emmy and an Annie for its clever tale about Santa's advance team of elves. Comedian Dave Foley voices Wayne, a veteran elf whose been getting "nice" houses ready for Santa on Christmas Eve for 227 years. Passed over for a promotion and burning out on the same-old-same-old, Wayne slacks off one Christmas while breaking in a new guy, Lanny (Derek Richardson), with potentially disastrous results. With the holiday on the line, it's up to the duo to make things right and save Christmas.

Now available on DVD, the cartoon is full of terrific supporting characters from Dasher (Nathan Greno), Santa's macho fearless lead reindeer, to Magee (Sarah Chalke), the stressed out Christmas Eve coordinator with the perpetually changing coffee mug, There's also Tiny, Magee's diminutive, quiet and mostly unseen (except for his hat) assistant who proved popular enough to rate his own "Big Adventure" on the DVD's bonus features.

Also included with the bonus features are "Operation Secret Santa," a short cartoon where Lanny and Wayne lend a hand to Mrs. Claus (the unmistakable Betty White). Not to be missed are the equally fun "Kringle Academy Training Videos," which teach you everything you need to know about becoming a stealthy elf.

ABC will premiere a new Prep & Landing special, Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice on December 5.

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