Wednesday, August 24, 2011

D23 Expo: Photo Gallery

You never knew who you were going to run into wandering the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center during last weekend's D23 Expo:

Beauty and the artist: Paige O'Hara, the voice of Belle, and Mark Henn,
one of the supervising animators on Beauty and the Beast.

Bret Iwan, the current voice of Mickey Mouse.

(l. to r.) Disney author and historian Tim O'Day, Imagineer extraordinaire
Tony Baxter and D23 Expo moderator Craig Hodgkins.

Cindy Morgan, who played Lora/Yori in 1982's Tron.

No flash pictures, please! We archivists are frightfully
sensitive to bright lights. Dave Smith inside the Treasures
of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit.

The staff of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum in Marceline, MO.
Kaye Malins (far right) runs the museum and lives in the same house
Walt and his family lived in during the early 1900s.

Disney animator Eric Goldberg (l.) and art director/production designer Paul Felix.

Me with Eric Goldberg. His animation credits include the Genie in Aladdin,
Phil in Hercules and Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh. He also contributed to one of
my all time favorite animation sequences, the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment
from Fantasia 2000.

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