Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marceline Photo Gallery

Last week, I reminisced about my 2010 trip to Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline, Missouri. Here are some additional photos from that trip (click on each image for a larger pic):

The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is housed inside an old
Santa Fe train station, originally built in 1913.

The grandfather clock on the left once kept the official time
for the railroad.

The initials "W.D." are carved in an old school desk.
Who do you think might have put them there?

Train memorabilia is found throughout the museum,
including items from the Disney film The Great Locomotive Chase,
which had it's Midwest premiere in Marceline in 1956. 

A segment of track from Walt's beloved
Carolwood Pacific model railroad.

A tribute to Walt's parents, Elias and Flora, includes the Mickey
and Minnie dolls Walt and his brother Roy gave to them on their
50th wedding anniversary.

Zurcher's Store in downtown Marceline is said to have
inspired Walt to build Coca-Cola Corner on Main Street, USA
at Disneyland.

A look behind the store suggests why. And no, not the
"Furniture & Undertaking" part.

North Kansas Avenue in Marceline,
renamed by the town as "Main Street, USA."

The dedication plaque for the Midget Autopia, which
Walt Disney donated to Marceline in 1966.

The Midget Autopia track today.

The Midget Autopia track at Disneyland in 1965
(more Disneyland 1965 footage is at

Walt Disney Elementary School

Walt Disney attended the dedication of the school
on October 16, 1960.

Disney artist Bob Moore's paintings and murals can be
found throughout the school. Note the cigar-chomping
Jose Carioca on the left. Think that would fly if the school
was built today?

A more modern Mickey Mouse floor medallion was added to
the entryway of the school in 2001.

The multi-purpose room is like a gallery of Bob Moore's work.

The flagpole in front of Walt Disney
Elementary School originally stood at the
1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley.

"This official Olympic flagpole was used at
Squaw Valley, California in the pageantry
ceremonies of the VIII Olympic Winter Games
held in February 18-28, 1960.
Walt Disney, Chairman of Pageantry"

On the Disney farm, underneath the Dreaming Tree.

Walt's barn

The farmhouse. Walt and his family lived here from 1906-11.

The Mouse Castle Lounge 08-10-2014 - Marceline Historian Kaye Malins
Memories of Marceline

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