Meet Team Mouse Castle

It's a new year and we have a lot of new faces at The Mouse Castle in 2015. Say hello to the gang.

Tim Callaway
Tim Callaway
Blogger/Podcaster/Martini Mixologist

Welcome to the party! If you love Disney and dirty Grey Goose martinis, we'll get along just fine.

I was two-years old when my family first took me to Disneyland. Mary Poppins was the first movie I ever saw in a theater and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the second. I grew up on a steady diet of The Wonderful World of Color/Disney every Sunday night. I know Tomorrowland 1967 was the best Tomorrowland ever because I was there the year it opened. So yeah, I've been worshiping at the Church of Walt for a long time.

I started what morphed into The Mouse Castle in 2009 as a way to share my Disney passion with anyone who cared to read or listen. To watch it grow over the years and to meet so many fascinating people in the process has been truly gratifying. Thanks for being a part of it.

Anthony ReynoldsAnthony Reynolds
Co-Host/King of Witty Banter/Smart Ass

Hey, howdy hey! I'm Anthony. After some teeth pulling and arm twisting, I'm finally getting around to writing my bio. I'm just a twenty something trying to find love in the city with my friends in New York City in the '90s. That's actually not true. But it sounds like it'd be a pretty popular TV show.

I've loved Disney for as long I can remember. I also love drinks and talking so of course I agreed to co-host Inside The Mouse Castle with Tim. I particularly enjoy the history of the theme parks, but my love of all pop culture dictates I also love any other extension of the Disney company. So if you're single and ready to mingle, hit me up.

Becky Taylor
Becky Taylor
Social Media Goddess/Runner of Long Distances

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

For as long as I can remember I have always loved Disney. One of my earliest memories is of my mom and I waiting in line for Snow White's Scary Adventures and being scared out of my mind by the Evil Queen in the window. Fun fact: I wouldn't ride it until I was about 12 when I finally conquered my fear. As an adult, I still love Disney and have passed that love onto my daughters and my boyfriend. We frequent the parks whenever we possibly can.

I am an avid runner and I recently participated in my first runDisney event (the Disneyland Half Marathon) and look forward to my next one.

Christi AndersenChristi Andersen

Growing up just 15 minutes from the Happiest Place on Earth, I think I was destined to become a Disney nerd. My first trip to Disneyland was just before my first birthday and I continued to visit the Park for my birthday every year for most of my childhood. Those birthday trips helped cement my love for Disney and ensured my desire for continued visits into adulthood. In addition to being a Disneyland regular, I've been able to go on several trips to Walt Disney World and sail on two Disney cruises. I adore trip planning and I love to keep up with the latest Disney news and rumors to help fuel my vacation preparation excitement. I’m also a former Cast Member and feel fortunate to have helped “make the magic happen.”

In addition to my love for Disney, I enjoy books, TV and movies--basically pop culture in general. I am a huge fan of sci-fi/fantasy worlds like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. I’m fascinated by behind-the-scenes information and like to attend panel events, screenings, and tapings whenever I’m able.

Heather AntonioHeather Antonio
Disney Dork/Mom/Procrastinator

Hello all. I'm Heather.

My love of Disney started young. Probably with my first trip to Disneyland with my parents and little brother when I was 5 years old. I remember my little brother saying, "scary on da Matterhorn." I still can't ride it without saying it the way he did.

I vividly remember pirates shooting cannons at us (I was sure we would sink at any second), flying over Neverland, and that giant eyeball staring at me on Adventure Thru Inner Space (I bought it hook, line and sinker), and so my love of Disneyland began.

I feared it would fade as I grew up. It has not. I went back at 20 and have had many grand adventures in the parks since. I've made Disney a big part of my adult life and the lives of my children. They can recite every line in every movie, have their own wonderful memories of Disneyland, and the older kids can take me on quite well at Disney trivia. We have random Disney sing-alongs and I'm having fun filling my home with unique bits of Disney magic.

So think those happy thoughts and join us on our new adventure. After all, all you need is faith, trust and pixie dust.

Patty Estes
Patty Estes

Hi, I'm Patty. I'm a super-nerd who's practically perfect in every way AND will work for popcorn. I am a sample size of one, not statistically significant, nor representative.

I believe in the magic of Disney. I smile at parades, never miss a chance to hug Mickey Mouse, can give you the latest news in the Marvel Universe, believe the Force is my ally and will always make time to fly a kite. I spend most Sunday's at home in Montana eating Mickey Mouse waffles, dreaming up perfect Disney getaways.

Let's dream and scheme together. Nefarious Disney plans are my specialty.

Ron Fleming
Ron Fleming
Blogger/Dreamer/Obtainer of Rare Antiquities

Hello! I’m Ron, I live in New York City, and for as long as I can remember I've been a fan of vintage Walt Disney. It started early with View Master reels, a Winnie the Pooh record player, Fisher-Price Movie Viewer cartridges, heck, even my elementary school was named after Walt Disney.

My passion for Disney gears more toward the nostalgic with a love of films--both animated and live-action--produced during Walt’s lifetime.

I’m also an avid fan of Disney’s theme parks and resorts, my first exposure to them being while my family briefly lived in Florida in the mid-1970s. Our first trip to the Magic Kingdom was when I was four years old to see America on Parade. When I was seven my family moved to Missouri and I could only daydream about returning. I still have a dogeared MK souvenir map that I used to pore over regularly.

In the summer of 2001 the daydreams ended and I experienced Walt Disney World as an adult for the first time and a new passion/hobby was formed. That trip sparked my imagination in ways I didn't know possible. I began learning all I could about the parks; their history, design, and the thoughts behind their lands and attractions. 2005 brought my first real trip to Disneyland and I fell in love with it as well.

I try to get out to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland once per year. Epcot is my “thotful spot” as Pooh would say.

I take my interest in Disney in stride and am a realist about it, even though I love to dream.

Tina Joplin
Wedding Planner/Craft Beer Connoisseur

Disney...check. Drinks...check. Team Mouse Castle is my people.

Hi there, I'm Tina and my love for Disney started many, many, MANY years ago. As a child we visited Disneyland every year. Our trip to Disneyland was even more exciting than Christmas! When I could not be at Disneyland I was listening to Disney records, watching the Mickey Mouse Club or taking my Disney statues--bought at Disneyland of course--and lining them up to be in a parade.

I was able to relive all of that Disney magic through the eyes of my boys when they were younger, and continued the tradition of one trip a year until I got my first annual pass in 2004. And I have never looked back. And while Disneyland is our home, we have taken a few trips to Walt Disney World and I am always trying to come up with some way to go back.

I'm starting a new chapter of Disney addiction with planning a Disney-themed wedding. Read along with me as I write about all the trials and tribulations that go along with planning not just a wedding, but a DYI Disney wedding. In between, I'll be updating you with places to find a much needed cocktail in the parks, around the parks and within the Disneyland Resort.

Susie Prendergast
Susie Prendergast

For the last 40-mumble-mumble years, I've never lived farther than 20 miles from Disneyland. Cast members ask, “Where are you from?” and I always answer, “Here.” Which causes them to clarify, “Here? From Disneyland?” Yup. Pretty much!

I grew up afraid of the bottomless pit in Injun Joe’s Cave. I believed a hippo might actually tip my boat over. I found diving beneath the North Pole to be very stressful. I could not figure out how it was nighttime inside Pirates or how it could be raining in the Tiki Room, and then magically be sunny outside. I bought in 110%. I still do.

I’m a teacher in real life. I read a lot. I love to travel. I enjoy nerding out over many different fandoms. Overnights at Disneyland, Comic Cons, midnight movie releases, book festivals...I’m there. At The Mouse Castle, my worlds collide, which is pretty darn awesome. Can’t ask for much more than that!

Jennifer ValdezJennifer Valdez

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I'm a mom of three and a card carrying Disney nerd. I grew up in Southern California, and Disney has pretty much permeated all facets of my existence.

My very first memory is of sitting on my dad's shoulders watching fireworks over the castle. I met and married my husband at Disneyland. My oldest daughter married HER husband at Disneyland. My two youngest learned how to walk on Main Street, U.S.A. Disney is practically a part of our family!

In addition to Disney, I am a huge fan of Star Wars, Marvel, scary books, scary movies, and Mexican food.

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